A Mid-Winter Weekend

I had such a lovely weekend. It was full of that brilliant February sunshine, a rare treat after weeks of constant grey, lots of clean fresh snow, and tingly cold temperatures. When Jason got called into work on Saturday morning, the boys and I headed to the school yard across the street for a frolic in the snow. Since this is the first winter I’ve worn snow pants since I was a teenager (I know, it’s ridiculous), I’ve discovered this new childlike freedom whenever we go out to play. Gone are the uncomfortable wet jeans, nasty lumps of snow in my boots, and uncomfortably numb toes. Now I can do whatever I want, so threw myself down into the snow and lay facing the sun, soaking up the delicious warmth.



IMG_0019A.’s current favourite book is called “Firehouse,” which is what inspired his determination to learn how to go down the “fire pole” all on his own. He was quite pleased by his newly acquired skill, so he just about gave me a heart attack every time he plummeted toward the ground.

Back at home, I did some baking. I’ve been on a huge baking binge recently, having cracked open “The Bread Bible” for some slow-rise artisanal loaves and “Home Baking” for other interesting treats. Saturday’s project was pull-apart Cranberry and Chocolate Bread, which turned out really well.



With Jason back from work, we headed out for an afternoon hike. Inconveniently, we forgot the baby backpack, so little L. got to ride in style on his daddy’s shoulders. A. was delighted by the cross-country skiers we met along the way and the snowmobiles rumbling in the distance. Being in the forest is rejuvenating for me. It’s home to me, a place where I’m relaxed and happy, and since moving into a town, I certainly don’t spend enough time wandering through the forest. I’m also reading “Eating Dirt” by Charlotte Gill and it’s all about the tree planting life. Gill is so full of enthusiasm and love for the forest and its wonders, and it’s addictive. I kept staring at all the trees, wishing I could identify them more accurately. We took the shore road back home. Lake Huron is frozen far out and is spectacular in its stark winter beauty.

a view of Lake Huron
a view of Lake Huron

When evening rolled around, Jason and I headed out to a karaoke party held at the home of some friends. It was my first time ever, definitely outside my usual comfort zone, but very fun, especially after a few drinks to loosen up! There is a picture of me and Ashley belting out “I Will Survive,” but it’s not available right now. Maybe that’s a good thing…



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