This is fabulous — a fellow blogger stepping up to defend my article in the Shoreline Beacon (local newspaper) that wasn’t given credit. She read my rant about it and decided to write her own letter to the newspaper in protest. Thanks to Veronica the Pajama Thief for writing something far more eloquent than I ever would have managed!

Veronica The Pajama Thief

I was reading a friend’s blog post a few weeks ago; the subject was one that struck a nerve with me… “giving credit where credit is due”.

My friend Katherine Martinko, over at “Feisty Red Hair” on WordPress, had written a story for a local paper, one which has a print and online presence… The Shoreline Beacon.  The paper printed her story but failed to give proper credit.  In fact, they didn’t give credit at all and when asked why, the paper’s response was basically that their policy was not to give credit for guest submissions.  The individual at the paper suggested that if one wanted credit, they had to ask for it.  Katherine’s response to the paper was kinder than mine would have been.  Mine would probably go something like this….

“Are you kidding me?  Ask for it?  Seriously? (My voice would be dripping with sarcasm and…

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