Today is a special day. It’s been one year since starting Feisty Red Hair and, coincidentally, this is also my 300th post. Come to think of it, that’s a lot of writing in 365 days. This blog came into existence for a number of reasons.

First, I had a conversation with a girl who worked in publishing. “Start a blog” was her advice to me. “That way, you’ve got a portfolio on hand whenever you may need it.” My cousin Leslie (who has a beautiful blog at lessyloo.com — check it out!) also suggested I start a blog, after hearing the speech I gave at our cousin Emily’s wedding.

Second, I made a New Year’s resolution to start writing more and I needed an outlet to motivate me. Journal entries just weren’t cutting it anymore.

Third, it had been six months since graduating from university, my second baby was nine weeks old, and I felt like my brain was turning to mush. I craved intellectual stimulation and a blog was the easiest way to create a forum for discussion in this small town with no university nearby. Hence the birth of Feisty Red Hair on a cold January night a year ago!

I still remember how my husband went off to the gym, the kids were asleep, I googled ‘WordPress’, and sat there in front of the computer, agonizing over what to do. Getting started is the most painful  part of it, when there are no archives to intrigue potential readers. I was scared I wouldn’t be able to sustain it. Heck, washing my hair sometimes feels like an ordeal with kids around, so how did I think I’d be able to write on a regular basis? What I didn’t know yet, but happily found out by risking the challenge, is that the desire to write would become an addiction. That first night, though, I still didn’t know that. I turned James Blunt on full volume, wrote my first-ever post: “Writing to Write“, and felt a thrill of excitement as I pressed the “publish” button and sent it flying into an unknown, invisible place to be received by the world. No one commented. No one ‘liked’ it. That’s okay, because the hardest part was over. No post would ever be as tough to write as the first one.

I’m still a very little fish in a big blogging sea. My conviction that I’d get “freshly pressed” immediately (featured on WordPress’s front page) has slowly eroded, but I’m rewarded by the responses I get from faithful readers and from new ones who discover my blog and tell me how much they enjoy it. Most of all, I love having a reason and way to express myself and to hone this skill that gives me so much pleasure.

Next step: write a book! After all, it’s probably just like 300 posts squished together… right?



8 thoughts on “300

  1. Congratulations, I enjoy your writing and your point of view on some of the personal recollection. Keep up the good work. I will also be waiting for your book.

  2. Ah, dearest Red Head, I celebrate with you and your Blog family and enthralled public. “Feisty”, THAT you are! Cheers, and Congrats!!

    Artist Lisa, Amberfly & Minou Gris-Gris ps I’ve sent your 300Th to friends in Ottawa & Montreal…

  3. I do a lot of blog reading – mainly as a form of procrastination from assignments, papers, and readings. I’ve got a nasty habit of starting to read a post and quitting halfway. If the writer doesn’t hook me right off the bat I don’t stick around long! You should be proud – 300 posts and I’ve never quit one of them!! Congrats and keep ’em coming!

  4. I absolutely love reading your blog. You inspire me to write more but alas I have many excuses and reasons not to. I also began my blog over a year ago and I treasure every single post. Thanks again for your inspiration… keep the posts coming!

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