Sumptuous, Splendid, Spectacular Snow

Well, it seems that my wish has come true. Winter has arrived in full, magnificent force. It has been snowing heavily for the past two days, and I mean it when I say heavily. It’s like my house is in a perpetual white-out. The screens on the windows are caked in snow, but it doesn’t look much different even when I do get a clear view; everything is white. I can barely see the neighbour’s house across the street. We’ve shovelled the driveway three times in the past twenty-four hours, clearing over a foot of snow each time.

view of the backyard
view of the backyard
This is what I mean by snow-caked windows!
This is what I mean by snow-caked windows!


This morning I had to pick up my son at nursery school. The morning drop-off went okay, but pick-up was treacherous. The main road goes through some open fields on the outskirts of town. With no trees to block the wind and Lake Huron just a bit further on, white-outs can happen in a flash. At one point, I felt a lump of panic lurch into my throat as everything became invisible. I couldn’t see the headlights of the oncoming traffic, nor the rearview lights of the car in front. I slowed down, put on my four-ways, and it soon cleared up. Once again, I was able to see a few metres ahead, which was enough to make my way to the school.

Just now, as I sat down to write this blog post, I saw the back door open at the elementary school across the street. A line of little kindergarten students trudged out into the storm, fully bundled up in snowsuits for recess. Inching along the brick wall, they made their way to the playground, as they usually do at this time. Suddenly there was a huge gust of wind and they disappeared entirely from sight. In fact, I could hardly see the hedge that encircles our property, which is right in front of my nose. Gradually it cleared and I saw the kids huddled against the wall. They headed to the playground, only lasting about ten minutes, and now they’re trudging back inside.

As brutal as this weather is, I absolutely love it, as long as my husband can get home from work this afternoon! There is nothing cozier than feeling warm inside my house, knowing my kids are safe with me, and hearing the wind batter the yellow brick exterior that has withstood over one hundred winters — no small accomplishment in Bruce County. When the kids wake up from their nap, I’ll bundle them up just like those little kindergartners and head out for a frolic in the snow, because even if it’s unpleasant out there for a few minutes, it makes coming back inside that much more wonderful. Finally, we’ll have those red cheeks, tingly toes, and slushy mess all over the foyer floor that symbolize the much-awaited, much-welcomed arrival of true winter. It’s about time.

I can hardly see across the street.
I can hardly see across the street.

4 thoughts on “Sumptuous, Splendid, Spectacular Snow

  1. Ah, memories! Glad to not have that much snow anymore though… I lived in Eastern Canada for eight years and each winter was just like the one on your pictures. Loved it too, in spite of the cons, but had a husband who enjoyed shovelling and blowing snow – makes all the difference! Great memories, but glad to be somewhere where there might be snow, and if there is, it’s usually not too much. This attitude comes with age. 😉

    1. Crazy thing is, it’s nothing compared to this morning! The little tree in the bottom photo is almost entirely covered with snow now and the whole town is shut down, which is really saying something for this area.

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