December Photo Challenge :: The Power Beard

I’m going to take part in a silly little December challenge. Want to join me?



A friend posted it on Facebook and I was attracted by that lovely pink bow at the top. I like the randomness of the requirements, too. If I can find the discipline to take a specific photo every day, it will create a fun mishmash of December memories.

I took the first picture without even thinking about it. At 8 o’clock this morning, my husband asked me to take a photo of the beard he’s been growing for a month — his take on the Movember challenge — before shaving it off and reclaiming his usual clean-shaven look. Here he is. (Can you tell we were up several times in the night, caring for a teething baby who then decided to stay up for good at 6:30 am?!)

Can you tell we were up several times in the night, caring for a teething baby who woke up for good at 6:30 am?
Tired and pre-coffee

There’s been a bit of marital contention surrounding this beard. I actually quite like it. It makes him look very manly, outdoorsy, woodsman-ish, rugged, even slightly unkempt, which is a far cry from the urbane, well-manicured look that he cultivated for years. I wanted him to keep it till his CrossFit competition at the end of January, and at first he agreed to do it for a specific reason. You see, he admires a successful Canadian CrossFitter named Lucas Parker who placed quite high in the 2012 CrossFit Games. Lucas Parker is a redhead, like my husband, and he grew a giant red beard for 10 months prior to the Games that he called “the power beard.” He credits his success and lifting strength to this power beard. Here’s Lucas Parker in all his bearded glory:

Almost more beast than man… wow!


Now, I don’t know about all you ladies (or gents) out there, but I can speak for myself and say that this is not exactly what I find sexiest in the whole world. Apparently, my husband does, though, and this is what he was striving to emulate. While I didn’t want the beard to get this out of control, no matter what power claims these hairy men want to make, I did like the scruffiness of a month’s growth. (And I would contest that the sheer weight of Parker’s extra hair must have negatively impacted his performance to some degree; how can you be that hairy and still move with agility?) Sadly, the itchiness got to my husband and he insisted on shaving it off this morning after that 8 a.m. photo op. Ah, well, the nice thing about facial growth is that you can always start again, I suppose.

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3 thoughts on “December Photo Challenge :: The Power Beard

  1. I don’t know. I think that guy is pretty sexy, but I like beards. He looks like he could lift 5 of me.

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