Bang Bang, it’s time for a change!

My first-ever act of rebellion against my parents was insisting on growing out my bangs. Mom protested, “No, you can’t have long bangs because you’ve inherited the Nigh family’s high forehead and it will look silly.” I’d had bangs for all my childhood and was sick of them, so I stood my ground. In the end, she let me grow them out and I’ve had long bangs ever since. She’s also admitted to being wrong about the high forehead thing; apparently I don’t have it after all.

So that’s why my craving for a hairstyle change felt a bit controversial this time round. I decided I wanted bangs again, after thirteen years without them. I wanted to change up my look without losing length, respecting my eternal vow never to cut my hair short again — another ambitious hair resolution that, unlike the quest for long bangs, fell flat on its face.

My research began online as I searched for inspiration. Images of actress Zooey Deschanel began appearing when I googled “wavy long hair with bangs.” She has fantastically grand ‘statement’ bangs, just how I wanted.

Then I came up with this sultry-looking babe. She looks less than thrilled with her life, but the bangs and hair combo certainly appealed to me. (I must remind myself, though, that she likely has a well-paid stylist creating her look on a daily basis and I don’t have that luxury. Come to think of it, nor would I want to.)

What’s with all this attitude? Do all these models hate having bangs or something??
Dang, she looks so good!

My dilemma is that I’m quite low maintenance and I’m worried that bangs aren’t conducive to that, especially with unruly hair like mine. Frizzy and thick, with odd lumps and protrusions here and there, it requires more time than I have or want to give it; often I settle just for a ponytail and bobby pins. I never blow-dry my hair, hate using products because they give it strange texture or greasiness, and only wash my hair every three days.

My excellent and knowledgeable hairdresser had lots of thoughts and explained that a slightly angled bang, that gets swept off to the side as it grows, would work well with my fuzzy head, so I bit the bullet and she snipped away. It was like a journey back in time; once again, I was sitting on a high stool in the kitchen, wrapped in a towel, as my mother combed out my wet bangs and trimmed them evenly across my forehead.

End result? I love my new bangs. I’m two days post-salon right now, so who knows what they’ll look like when I wash them and lose the professional shape, but I’m ready for a new challenge. I get startled every time I look in the mirror, though, because I think I look completely different. My husband says it’s trendier. I think I look younger.


4 thoughts on “Bang Bang, it’s time for a change!

  1. I just bang’d myself within the last month also! My mom, like yours, was the force behind having them when I was younger. Then, into my teen years, I used them to hide my bad acne (little did I know, they were really just making my acne much worse). Once I finally stuck to growing them out, they stayed long! I am enjoying my new bangs,but will probably grow them out again because I’ll be ready for a new change soon enough!

  2. What is it with hair changes?!! Picture #2 was the EXACT photo I found on google images and took to my hairdresser! I absolutely love mine, although they are more work than the longer version I had last week. If I don’t at least try to tame my new bangs and let them have their own way they manage to fluff and poof in odd directions! I have found though that it feels nice to spend 5 minutes flat ironing mine of finding a cute way to pin them back or to the side. If it wasn’t for this ‘need’ I’d still be style-less and floppy pony-tailing my hair every day! I’m now forced to spend a few minutes on myself and I think that does a lot of good for a lady – or for anyone for that matter! I hope your still enjoying yours even post hair salon styled!!!

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