a surprisingly delicious pear crisp from the microwave

I’ve been undervaluing my microwave for years and never knew it. 

My usual late-night dessert craving kicked in and I prowled through the kitchen, looking for a fix. No cookies, no ice cream, no chocolate, nothing. Then my eye landed upon a lonely pear in the fruit bowl. I wanted a bubbling hot pear crisp, with a sweet crumble topping and melting fruit chunks beneath. But how to get what I wanted in less than 10 minutes?

I’m used to baking and cooking on a large scale, full pans of baked goods that serve our hungry family and provide leftovers for days. Then I remembered a post I read on Freshly Pressed earlier in the year. It had a recipe for chocolate cake in a mug — a quick single portion of homemade chocolate cake for writers needing inspiration. If cake can be whipped up in the microwave, why not a pear crisp?

I snapped into action, dicing the pear, tossing it into a bowl, and mixing up a crumble topping — a handful of oats, spoonfuls of flour, bunch of brown sugar, dash of cinnamon, handful of walnuts, soft butter — that I spread on top. I added some water and popped it into the microwave for 3 minutes. It emerged exactly how I’d imagined it to be, hot and bubbly with melting fruit and firm crust.

Instead of continuing to view the microwave as a culinary compromise, a shortcut, a desecration of food prep, or a lazy excuse for cooking (as I used to), I suddenly have new respect for it. Any device that enables me to have a fresh, hot, homemade dessert within minutes definitely ranks pretty high in my books.

Now that I know the result is so yummy, I’ll be trying that tantalizing ‘chocolate cake in a mug’ recipe to combat writer’s block one of these days, and I suggest you try it, too. You’ll be pleasantly surprised — unless you’re already privy to this amazing secret of the microwave’s dessert-making capabilities and I’m just totally behind the times, or else have been caught up in a ridiculous world of food snobbery for far too long…


2 thoughts on “a surprisingly delicious pear crisp from the microwave

    1. Yay, you’re back online! I agree that it’s not the healthiest way to cook, and that’s why I really never use it for regular cooking. But once in a while it can be quite convenient!

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