A Weekend of Autumnal Perfection

Fall has recently become my favourite season. I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s followed by the cold, slushy of winter, and have decided to love it for what it is, not its unfortunate placement in the cycle of seasons. I love the cool weather, the colours in the forest, the carpet of fallen leaves, the smell of pine needles, the quiet that follows the bustle of summer in cottage country.

There are hardly any people around, no barking dogs, no loud motor boats on the lake, no traffic on the road. It is the season for bonfires in the backyard, a snapping fire in the fireplace, board games around the table, chubby orange pumpkins on the front step, new views of the distance through leafless tree branches. There’s a desolate, barren feel to the landscape that gives me delightful shivers and makes me revel more than ever in the coziness of home.

We spent the weekend at my parents’ house and it was as perfect as a fall weekend can be. We hiked an old cottage road that leads to hunt camps out in the bush. These photos are from that excursion.

Overlooking a small lake where the autumn tree colours are now starting to fade
Rain clouds are moving in.
This is prime moose pasture land, but sadly none to be seen this weekend.
Walking is always more fun with Grandma by his side.
Muskoka’s iconic glimpses of the rocky Canadian Shield

After hours of wandering outdoors, there’s nothing quite so satisfying as coming back to the house, lighting fires in Raven the Cook Stove (yes, it has a name) and the fireplace, and preparing a large dinner for family and friends: coconut pepper chicken with rice, roasted kabocha squash served with butter and maple syrup, roasted plum tomatoes, and pumpkin spice layer cake (recipe to follow shortly).

Talking around the table is the main form of entertainment in this house.

Leaving my childhood home to come back to my slightly more urban home without a wood stove or indoor fireplace always has a bit of letdown, but I adjust quickly. As much as I love the quiet autumn wilderness, I also like the bustle of town life and knowing that there are other people around me. At least I can escape it all and return to the land of pines and granite and freshwater lakes whenever I want.






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