A Quest for Rich, Vibrant Colour

I’m on a quest to fill my life with more colour. I’m a painfully cautious and conservative interior decorator. To be brutally honest, I’m just scared of everything. I don’t want things to clash. I don’t want colours to overwhelm or be too dark. I don’t want furniture to be mismatched. As a result, I have a hideously ugly, never-used living room that blends together in a big mishmash of brown, beige, and dirty-looking cream. It’s depressing.

A revelation struck, however, when I flipped open a back issue of Better Homes and Gardens and read a line from some featured stylist. Basically she said, “Choose what you love and it will look great. You’ll only paralyze yourself by obsessing over what others will think or what should look good. Stick to gut instinct and you’ll love your house.” This was pure enlightenment. For so long I’ve been trying to follow what I thought to be design rules that I’ve ended up with rooms I hate.


photo: life123.com

Maybe I’ve been intimidated by the overpowering colours in my parents’ house. They are fanatic painters and, when I was growing up, it wasn’t not uncommon to come home and find out a room had been changed during the day. Aquamarine stairwell, periwinkle bathroom, blue kitchen, tangerine pantry, lime green office, purple foyer, burgundy bedroom — I’m not exaggerating; this is how it really is.

No longer will I let my (clearly erroneous) ideas of what looks good together trump my innate, stifled passion for colour! So now I’m on a quest. The paint store will be getting a lot of business from me as I inundate our now all-white-walled house with brilliant colour. Rust, pumpkin, smoke, green, and a rich, deep blue are calling me. I’m going to get over my insecurities and just do it. In the process, I hope to create spaces that I want to use, instead of having wasted square footage in an already-small century home.

Any suggestions? What’s the craziest colour venture you’ve made in your own home and how did it work out?


10 thoughts on “A Quest for Rich, Vibrant Colour

  1. Pure black. You’ve seen it… its awesome. If you get a piano the room can double as a concert hall.

    1. I had my brother paint my staircase walls “Butter yellow” After he painted 3 long stripes, he asked me–Are you sure this is the colour you want? At that time I was really hesitant, but he continued on. After a few days, I found it was the colour I wanted. So go with your gut, the colours do tone down after they dry.

    2. In a room with minimal light and no direct light, at that? Hmm, I don’t know… It looks good in your bedroom, I know, but you’ve practically got a whole wall-sized window!

  2. I painted the bedroom wall in Husband’s (at the time boyfriend’s) old condo RED. Like, dot in the middle of Japan’s flag red. It was bold, and I probably should have asked permission first, but he liked it. Our current bedroom is the color of a granny smith apple. It used to be Son’s nursery. My mom volunteered to paint it one day when I was at work. I told her where she could find the paint. She called me at work, certain that I must have made a mistake with the paint. There was no way any person would want a room THAT green. But, I love it!

    1. Oooh, I love red. I have bright red painted chairs around the dining room table and they get a lot of compliments. The problem with red in our house, though, is that the floor is reddish cherry, so it can clash. I do love green, too. It’s a much underused colour, in my opinion.

  3. I recommend you paint on of the side walls of your living room a deep, rich red. I think it would look awesome!

    I LOVE colour. Every room in our house is a different colour. They don’t match, but were chosen to reflect the personality of the person in the room!

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