The “Vitamix 750” Dinner Party

Last week’s Sumptuous Suppers Dinner Club meeting took a new twist. First, an unusual invitation arrived in my email inbox:

“Are you sick and tired of a counter top full of appliances that do more dust collecting than dinner making? Are you sick and tired of appliances that are a pain to use and an even bigger pain to clean? Well, today is your lucky day!  You are all invited to a special, one-time only opportunity to check out the Professional Series VITAMIX 750, the revolutionary kitchen tool that will replace virtually all of those dusty appliances currently on your counter…”

My curiosity was piqued for certain at this point. I’m the less-than-proud owner of a blender that refuses to make basil pesto without engaging a twenty-minute battle of wills and force. The idea of pushing a button and having it actually blend seems too good to be true.

J. and I arrived at our friends’ house at the appointed time — and then it was showtime! Complete with background music, canned applause, and a smooth-talking hostess, it sounded like a show straight off the Food Network. We sat back to watch a live demo of the Vitamix 750, freshly imported from the U.S. because apparently they’re unavailable in Canada. The first impressive whirl of ingredients resulted in an iced cocktail made with maple syrup, whiskey, blueberries, and white wine. A good way to start off the evening!

Next, the Vitamix got crammed full of veggies. Whereas my blender would have given up and died before even attempting such a blending challenge, the Vitamix ripped through it like nobody’s business. The result was a yummy roasted red pepper dip that we ate with crackers as an hors-d’oeuvre.

Ready for action…
See, not a single lump!

We then sat down for a non-Vitamix-made main course of zucchini lasagna and Caesar salad. The demo resumed after the meal, however, and this time J. and I were called upon as volunteers to whip up dessert: a mixed berry sorbet.

Using the all-famous “tamper” to push down frozen fruit
Thanks to the “Domestic Diva” apron, our efforts were highly successful and the sorbet delicious.

While I was thoroughly impressed by the Vitamix 750’s downright scary blending power and am convinced of its stellar ability, I’m not sold on its price tag. I think, somewhat sadly, that it will be a while before the Vitamix joins our family. Regardless, thanks to the Vitamix, we had an entertaining evening full of much laughter and delicious food, puréed and not puréed!



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