The Inspiring World of Mommy Travel Blogs

A few weeks ago, I was telling someone about our upcoming trip with the little kids. She looked at me, shocked: “How old are they?” I told her their ages and she gave me a look of visible disapproval. “Yeah… I’m not really a big fan of mixing airplanes and babies. It’s not fair to anyone.” I realized this conversation wasn’t going in a good direction, so I changed the subject, but I kept thinking about her reluctance to travel with her own little kids and started to wonder if my husband and I were really unusual for wanting to do this. Even my own parents, who are globetrotters themselves, said they would never have attempted a trip like this. I know international travel isn’t for everyone, but for those of us who do love it, is taking a baby and toddler along simply insane?

Rome is a great place for kids, I discovered.

After a highly successful trip during which the kids were far easier to manage than I ever expected, I was more confused than ever, thinking, “Why don’t parents travel more often if it’s this great?!”  Then my editor at Parentables gave me a project to research top cities for travelling with babies and toddlers. (See article here.) I’ve spent the week reading online and have discovered a whole community of hard-core parent travellers, mostly moms, whose stats blow my mind, i.e. one woman took her kid on 12 international trips by the time he turned 2! Of course, that requires either a business excuse or loads of free time and money — things that not all of us have the luxury of possessing — but the point is that the challenge of taking a toddler along wasn’t enough to suppress her travel urge.

These are the most interesting travel blogs I stumbled across, and I strongly recommend that you check them out if you’re wanting to travel with small kids but feel hesitant about doing so, or even if you’re a dedicated parent traveller in need of some inspiration.

Momaboard: for globetrotting babies and their parents is the blog I spent most time perusing. It’s headed up the woman I mentioned above. Her blog offers “ultimate guides” to a whole host of international cities with lots of interesting pointers for exploring each place.

Have Baby Will Travel is written by a Canadian mom based in Toronto and is full of good tips for navigating the world with babies in tow, along with helpful reviews of places she’s been with her own two kids.

Family Vacation Critic is a more official travel site with comprehensive reviews of lots of different kinds of family holiday possibilities.

Delicious Baby Journal: making travel with kids fun is a very popular, widely-read North American travel blog written by a mother of three. She reviews products and places and offers travel tips.

There were lots more than I can’t recall right now, but as I do my research I will fill out the list! Hopefully these will inspire you to start packing your


5 thoughts on “The Inspiring World of Mommy Travel Blogs

  1. I think you would like the book “How to Fit a Carseat on a Camel.” It’s a compilation of essays by various authors about the misadventures of travelling with children. Always good for a laugh and a dose of inspiration (specifically, the “some parents are even crazier than us” and “at least THAT didn’t happen” variety.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I will certainly check it out! Sounds quite entertaining. I loved your other suggestion for “Last Child in the Woods,” so I take your advice seriously 🙂

  2. I think that other cultures might be easier to travel in than Canada – people take it upon themselves to scold other people’s children if they are badly behaved – and love them when they are cute. While I imagine this could be annoying, it might also be a weight off of a tired parent’s shoulder. Did this happen while you were travelling?

    1. Hey Rebecca!
      That’s an interesting observation and yes, I think you’re right. It’s true that the European friends and parents we encountered were much more likely to tell my son what he could and couldn’t do, which makes me relax because I know they’re able to set their own boundaries and I don’t have to be hovering to ensure good behaviour.

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