Autumnal Resolutions

Fall has always been my season for resolutions. Inspiration seems to coincide with the start of the academic year and cooler weather, and though I’m no longer in school, I can’t resist the temptation to make a list of goals for the next few months of autumnal life.

Trip to the apple farm — another favourite family fall activity
  1. Lots of family hikes. It’s not so hot anymore, there are fewer people in our lakeside cottage town, and there is a plethora of coloured leaves to admire. With the baby in a backpack and the preschooler exploring alongside, it’s pretty much heaven.
  2. The urge to bake with apples has returned. Dutch apple pie, apple strudel baklava, and Aunt Jane’s amazing apple cake are on the short-term menu. Feel free to come by for a tasting and tea!
  3. Last-minute canning. I’ll have to visit the famers’ market to see what I can scrounge before it’s too late. I’ve been meaning to make my grandma’s Thousand-Island relish for two years. (See a review on it here.)
  4. Plant garden bulbs because I want a sea of daffodils and tulips next spring.
  5. Roasts and braises. After three weeks of rushed Italian apartment cooking (read, pasta every single meal), I’m seriously craving some long-simmered meaty dishes in my beloved Le Creuset pot.
  6. Home décor. I’m determined to learn how to turn our rarely-used living room into a warm, welcoming space. I also want to do something with our tiny, dark bedroom. Design blogs and forums, here I come! (Any recommendations?)
  7. Scrapbooks and photo albums need to be made for my 10-month-old’s life to date and for our recent family trip. If I don’t do it, the pics seems to get forgotten on my computer.
  8. Downton Abbey’ (season 3) is supposed to be back by now! As it gets even colder, I won’t feel guilty about spending an evening snuggled under a quilt with J., sipping hot tea and immersing myself in early 20th-century England.
  9. Hang out with friends – dinner parties, board games, coffee or play dates, gym sessions, knitting group, walks. Sometimes I need to remind myself that rewarding friendships require a time commitment.
  10. 10.  A few fun days in Toronto hitting up my favourite cafés, clothing stores on Queen Street, university book sales, and enjoying a gigantic bowl of steaming Vietnamese pho soup.

It’s going to be a wonderful fall.

Last fall, we were waiting for baby L’s arrival in November, as you can see from my large belly!

2 thoughts on “Autumnal Resolutions

  1. If you like Pho, you might like its Japanese brother\sister: ramen. No, it isn’t the stuff from a plastic package, its a traditional dish and its awesome. Try googling Kinton Ramen, Kensington market area.


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