Last-minute musings

Photo: malias/Creative Commons

Eeek, the day has finally come!

The piles of clothes spread all over the bedroom have been tightly packed into suitcases. My to-do lists have big checkmarks next to all the items. The kids are dressed in their travelling clothes. My airplane survival kit is nearly complete. All that remains is to do the dishes (I’m procrastinating as I write) and get some lunch ready. Oh, and pick up all the outdoor toys, and the ripe tomatoes in the garden, and the toys all over the floor inside, and put together the toiletries, and make the bed, and… okay, maybe there’s still quite a bit of work. But within a few hours,we’ll be on the road, heading to the airport.

Travelling fills me with mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness. On one hand, this three-week trip looms over me like a gigantic challenge that I need to get through, survive somehow with these two munchkins in tow, and I secretly look forward to walking through the front door of my home once again, having completed the challenge. My own bed will feel so good, the appliances in my kitchen so comfortable, my bathroom so clean. There will be that familiar home smell, the scent of my own sheets and drawers and closet. This is where I belong; this is the place I have made into my home and own space.

On the other hand, I’d never be able to appreciate home with such intensity or understand how valuable it truly is unless I leave it for some time. Travel puts home into perspective, makes us love it even more. Along with that, I’ll see the world, learn more about how other cultures and countries function, meet old friends and make new ones (maybe a few enemies on the airplane… just kidding). If I can broaden my (and my kids’) horizons and viewpoint of the world just a little bit, the effort is worth it. I won’t deny that it would be easier to be a homebody. It’s a royal pain in the behind to pack our lives into two suitcases and a backpack, yet it’s also a fabulous exercise in living simply. In fact, there’s nothing quite like looking at our luggage, consisting of absolute must-haves with no frills whatsoever, to make me feel like we’ve got far too much material excess in our house.

Anyways, enough scribbling for now. There’s work to be done. The literary inspiration, hopefully, will be flowing like mad within a few days, so watch for more updates about our family’s adventures in Europe, here and on Parentables.


2 thoughts on “Last-minute musings

  1. Things will work out alright. Even if you have bumps on the way, you will laugh at them in the future.

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