Strawberry-themed Paleo dinner party

Our monthly dinner club met last night and our hosts had chosen a strawberry theme.  The rule was that every part of the dinner had to include strawberries.   In addition, they adhere to a grain-free ‘Paleo’ diet, so food prep wasn’t quite as straightforward as it usually is for me!

Despite the challenges, the end result was a delicious and impressive spread of dishes.  Here’s a little photographic journey through the meal.

We started with strawberry daiquiris, the perfect end to a hot afternoon and ideal beginning for an evening of festivity.

Next came the appetizers.  These particular hosts are the appetizer queens; they are a staple at every dinner party hosted, and I love it.  Usually I tend to neglect that area of meal prep, so it’s always a treat to have.  Last night’s feature was a take on bruschetta: almond-flour-based crackers with sun-dried tomato, topped with strawberry salsa.  Quite divine!

The main meal featured balsamic-marinated grilled chicken breasts topped with the same strawberry salsa.

Spinach salad with strawberries, feta, and walnuts:

Dessert was my responsibility.  Limited by no flour and no processed sugar, I finally came up with strawberry-rhubarb galettes made with almond flour (which was a strange and new lesson in handling pastry) and served with sweetened yogurt cheese.


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