My sister, the cartoonist

My sister Sarah is an incredibly talented young woman.  Our mom jokes that she has the artistic equivalent of the Midas touch: everything she touches turns to art!

She drew her first cartoon a few weeks ago when a cousin asked her to contribute an illustration for a little newsletter she was putting together for her sister’s wedding.  Sarah drew a cartoon, then another, and another.  I’m still receiving wonderful little cartoons in my inbox on a regular basis, and they never fail to put a big smile on my face.

I’d like to share some of them with you.

The one that kickstarted them all.
I love penguins.
Love this one!
Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in real life…
Yeah, that would not be a good time.
Pillow fight?
Probably my favourite
You can tell she’s a musician.

Quite the mathematical dilemma, I suppose.