The night we got engaged…

Tonight marks the two-year anniversary since my husband proposed to me.  While the proposal date usually gets overshadowed by even more exciting events, such as, say, the actual wedding, there’s nothing like a great proposal story to thrill romance-loving ladies (and perhaps a few guys) to the core.

I’ll confess that as a kid I used to ‘collect’ proposal stories in order to write out my ideal proposal scenario that my future husband would somehow follow perfectly.  That didn’t happen, but it no longer mattered.  The evening was unforgettable and terribly exciting, and resulted in a fabulous marriage, which is what really counts!  Here’s what happened:

It was a Saturday night in Toronto, April 2010.  I’d had a really bad day with the baby, who was driving me crazy.  J had been planning a special date that night as a belated birthday celebration for me.  I ordered a massive steak for dinner and J had pasta, which I found quite intriguing.  I couldn’t help wondering if something was up, since he’s usually the first to order the biggest steak on the menu.  Was his stomach feeling fluttery, I wondered?  He even managed to smile continually while chewing, which was odd while also quite cute.  I started to get suspicious, since I’d been waiting for the Question for a while…

J then suggested that we go to this all-night café where we’d gone the second time we’d seen each other, on a group date.  I then felt sure this was the night, but after the longest coffee of my life and a false move toward his pocket that made me giggle uncontrollably, nothing happened.  We left.  I was in a decidedly bad mood, but J was giddier than ever.  I recall trying to reason with myself: “Don’t be a grump, in case he is going to propose, because that would really suck if you’re miserable the night it happens.”

“What’s the matter?” he asked me.  “Nothing.  Are you having fun?” I asked.  “I’m having a blast!” he said chirpily and added, “Let’s go to the Hard Rock Café.”  Well, at that point, I knew it wasn’t going to happen.  I know J well enough to know that the Hard Rock is not his kind of place to propose!  The fact that it was the first place we’d laid eyes on each other didn’t occur to me.

I went along with it, helplessly miserable in silence, and we sat at the bar amid a crowd of drunken men.  I drank ‘Sex on the Beach’ (“good choice,” J said) while watching sleazy rock music videos and feeling more depressed by the minute.  We finished up and headed out into Yonge-Dundas Square to go to the parking garage.

“Let’s go for a stroll,” he said.  It was cold and it was late.  The square was practically empty.  Why would he want to walk?!  Suddenly, his voice changed.

“Katherine,” he said as we walked hand-in-hand.  “I wouldn’t trade the last two and a half years for anything.  I don’t know where we’ll be five years from now, or twenty, or fifty, but I know I want to be with you…” My heart was racing, and suddenly he was down on one knee.  A sparkling ring appeared, and he said in a loud voice, “Marry me, Katherine Johnson!”  I heard clapping from nearby people and I leaped into his arms.  I laughed uncontrollably and shrieked, “Of course!”

I paid no attention to the ring until he asked if I’d noticed it.  “Oh, right!” I looked down at my finger.  It was the ring I’d seen at a local jewellery shop and fallen in love with.  When we went back a few weeks later, the saleslady said it had been sold.  I asked if they could make it again.  The answer was no, everything is unique.  I got so upset that I left the store and sobbed on a bench on the main street.  Little did I know that J had bought it and arranged for the saleslady to pretend as if it had been sold to someone else.  Why it didn’t occur to me at the time, who knows, but he’s a darn good actor when he wants to be, trying to console me and reassure me that we’d find another lovely ring somewhere.  Ha.

Long story short, we got married that fall.

What are your proposal stories?  Please share!  I’m a true romantic who can’t get enough of stories like these…


12 thoughts on “The night we got engaged…

  1. Mine is kind of long, but the short version is that I used to pick up my wife from work every day and take her home. She would often ask me to read to her while she was in the shower and my plan was to write her a poem (which I did) that ended with the words, “will you marry me,” while she was showering and pop the ring in front of her face through the shower curtain. The day I planned to do this, a relative came to visit and instead of going home she told me to drive her out to her dad’s, whom I’d asked permission from earlier that day, so my surprise would be ruined. I ended up having to propose to her in the parking lot outside her dad’s house just so it was me who told her. She was so excited she forgot to say yes!

      1. I’m sure I have it somewhere. I should take better care of that, but to be honest, I haven’t seen it in years.

  2. I love proposal stories too and yours is lovely. I’m getting ready to do a post on our proposal story. Yours has inspired me! 🙂

  3. Your story is so cute! Jason is such a schemer.

    Our story is pretty silly: Erik took me out to Tramonto – which is a very slow restaurant in Kincardine. He had this vision of a romantic proposal on the beach at sunset. To make a long story short, we pretty much missed the sunset because supper ran late, and I demanded we go home to get mittens before going on his ridiculous beach walk (in early April!) He eventually marched me to the back of the back yard to see the last of the sunset and blurted out, “I asked your dad if I can marry you and he said yes!” …and he just stood there growing more and more anxious as I waited for him to propose. Finally, I gave up on an actual proposal and said, “yes!”

    1. Omg, that made me laugh out loud. That’s too funny. Proposals, as it seems with all the really big important things in life, never quite go according to plan!

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