The Party Pros

It’s quite lovely when a belated birthday party arrives at one’s front door!  Last night, my friends showed up with grocery bags in hand, laden with dessert and cocktails – all you really need for fun on a Saturday night when the husband’s away and the kids are asleep upstairs.

happy birthday girl

I was shooed out of the kitchen and told to settle in the living room while the culinary concoctions received their finishing touches.  First came the cranberry-kirsch cocktails, followed by chocolate-drizzled strawberries.  The piece-de-résistance was a raspberry torte made with coconut flour and topped with whipped cream and pureed raspberries.  It was all quite divine.

Nothing - and I mean nothing - can beat this combo.

Christine and Laura, the two friends who orchestrated everything, have particular flair when it comes to throwing parties.  They specialize in the unusual, the surprising, the classic, and, I must say, the truly fun.  Having had my fill of the club and bar scene throughout university, it was wholly refreshing to meet these girls who knew how to create a great party out of almost nothing.

Over the two years of our acquaintance, we’ve had a number of interesting birthday surprises, including such random events as driving around in antique Cadillac convertibles with a chauffeur, skinny dipping during a meteor shower, period photo shoots (think Marie Antoinette), great ethnic food, a Food & Drink-inspired patio dinner, and live rendition of “Happy Birthday” on violin in a crowded restaurant.

They are the queens of theme parties, having organized events such as Lobsterfest, the Fondue-Me Party, ’80s party, and the Redneck Trailer Trash Bash, which have become somewhat epic among our group of friends and within the small town where we live.  I couldn’t have hosted the 1960s theme party without their most valuable input and unbelievably awesome garage-sale finds.

So I had no doubt that they’d make last night’s impromptu birthday celebration a special one – and my expectations were certainly exceeded.


2 thoughts on “The Party Pros

  1. You are truly blessed when you have friends like that. I also have a group of friends who hold impromtu parties. We have a special name for our group. PBS–Pink Bra Society. We didn’t want to be confused with the Red Hat Society. Every month when we girls get together, we have to wear our Pink Brassiere. Have a great Day Katherine

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