Reflections on a Quarter Century

Twenty-five years old today.  Hard to believe.

These are 25 lessons I’ve learned over the past quarter century of my life (in no particular order).

1. Don’t grumble or complain about someone behind their back because your mom will make you call them up to apologize, which is absolutely humiliating.  (Obviously there are other reasons why you shouldn’t do this, too.)

2. Practice might not make perfect, but it makes you one heck of a lot better at something than if you don’t practice at all.

3. Natural childbirth isn’t necessarily orgasmic, as Sheila Kitzinger would have you believe, but it’s pretty darn empowering and downright exhilarating.

4. Babies cry a lot and you can’t always make them stop.

5. Travel is never a waste of money.

6. You can never change a person.  You can only change yourself.

7. You can judge a book by its cover.

8. Marriage can be truly fabulous – not the end of freedom, as some might have you believe.

9. Short hair looks absolutely awful on me.  Never again!

10. It’s no longer worth sacrificing comfort for fashion in my old age.

11. A relationship is only a failure if you fail to learn from it.

12. Friends come and go in life, but family is always there.

13. Your passionate fourteen-year-old crush probably won’t end up being your husband.

14. Don’t let anyone other than a professional perform a bikini wax on you (i.e. husband).  Very bad idea.

15. You are responsible for your own happiness.  Don’t blame your unhappiness on others.

16. Don’t spend energy trying to change things that are beyond your control.

17. The baby years fly by.  Try to stress less about the chaos.

18. Good food matters.  It makes everyone happier and healthier, as well as the planet.

19. It’s important not only to take the opportunities that life throws at you, but also to create them for yourself.

20. There are few things more interesting in life than meeting new people.  Open your ears, eyes, and heart to be able to do so with sincerity.

21. People won’t like you if your two-year-old sits on the car horn at 7:30 am in a campground.

22. Playing “just the tip” is not an effective birth control method.  (Just kidding.  I didn’t actually think it was.)

23. Don’t plan a month-long road trip in your car when you’ve just had surgery on a nasty butt cyst.  If you do, invest in an inflatable donut.  It will become your best friend.

24. A surprise pregnancy doesn’t necessarily mean that your life is changed for the worse; it may end up being the best thing that’s ever happened to you  (see #22).

25. Little actions count.  They add up.  “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi


9 thoughts on “Reflections on a Quarter Century

  1. Those are some pretty solid observations. For some reason I thought we were the same age. I mean, I’m not that much older (I’ll be 28 this year), but you seem older than that. Regardless, happy birthday! And many more. 🙂

  2. ha…these are hilarious – and ring true!
    Happy Birthday, wishing you a great 2nd quarter century,( now that you’re such a wealth of knowledge……….. 😉

    1. Haha, well, I may be pretty young in the grand scheme of things, but man, have I ever contributed a lot to that wealth of knowledge in the past 2.5 years since kids came along!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAH!! Loved it! 😀
    Great list you’ve got here – laughed particularly hard at the judging a book one.
    Happy Birthday to you, on this your birth-day – unless I’m late in which case you can throw a belated in there somewhere.
    One thing that really makes this a better post than 99% of people who do things like this? This reads as so much more honest and real and not trying to sound like something cool or too clever.
    Thanks for sharing!

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