Reflections on 100 blog posts

This marks my 101st post since my blogging ‘career’ began just over two months ago.  That’s a lot of writing for a girl who kept to her diary for the past fourteen years, deviating only to write academic papers for five years.  Those academic papers leeched all my creativity and I’m only just starting to recover.  Resisting the urge to add footnotes and citations continues to be a daily battle.

Under these circumstances, blogging has taught and given me a lot, while challenging me to develop a whole other area of my life.  These are a few of my thoughts on how blogging has influenced me.

– It has taught me to look at every crazy situation and really bad day as potential material for a blog post.  Almost anything can get turned into a post, which means endless inspiration.

– I’ve become aware of and connected to an online world that I never knew existed, filled with brilliant writers and thoughtful bloggers who offer wonderful perspectives on life.

– My writing style has relaxed as my confidence has grown.  I feel renewed hope in my dream of someday becoming a full-time writer because I’ve proven to myself that I can do it.

– The blog has taught me discipline in writing because I am suddenly accountable to an audience, albeit an invisible one.

– I am forced to find a balance between a whole number of competing forces: my strong opinions, my instinct to criticize, my respect and admiration of others, my desire for approval, my natural urge to be controversial and to ‘stir the pot’, so to speak; my desire to promote radical homemaking as a type of radical feminism.

– There’s a feeling of empowerment that comes with writing and discovering the freedom of words.  Having a forum in which to express myself, even if self-created, is very liberating.

– I’ve discovered that the desire to write increases with writing.  Though the act of writing can be agonizing, the end result is so satisfying that it’s worth every bit of agony.

– I’ve learned it’s necessary to balance my writing and reading in order to maintain a steady flow of inspiration.  If I spend too much time in front of the computer, my flow of ideas starts to dry up.  If I go back to reading newspapers, blogs, magazines, and though-provoking publications, the fount of creativity becomes re-hydrated once again.

On a less serious note, blogging is not improving my post-partum waistline, considering the amount of dessert I eat while sitting in front of the computer at night.

I tend to say, “Just a minute, Mommy’s working” multiple times a day to my impatient toddler.  Yes, it makes me feel very guilty at times, but I’ll excuse it as “teaching him independence” and having quality mommy time for myself 🙂

I also now use my camera and actually upload pictures onto my computer.  Before blogging, my kids would have visibly grown up by the time I actually looked at pictures I’d taken months before.  Does that make me a better mom, then, as a result?!


– I want my readership to grow and expand even further.  If you haven’t subscribed to the blog yet, please add yourself to the list of followers.  You can ‘like’ Feisty Red Hair and join the Facebook fan page.  You can also follow me on Pinterest, though I’m still in the process of figuring out how best to use that site to the benefit of my blog.  (Advice?)

– I want discussions to increase and intensify, as I consider them to be the sign of a successful post.

– Keep going!  Write 1000 posts!  It’s easy to imagine a number like that after having gotten over the initial hump.

If you have any ideas for future posts, please don’t hesitate to let me know.  I scribble them down and refer back whenever necessary.  Currently I’m mulling over a future post about lawns.  I hate lawns, just so you know, and think they should be eradicated from the world and replaced with vegetable gardens.  More on that later…

Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “Reflections on 100 blog posts

  1. Hey, we’re not invisible. By the way, I’ve ‘taught my kids independence’ before too, so don’t feel too bad.

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