Itching for a change

Confession: I am obsessed with rearranging furniture.

Every few months, the itch strikes and I can’t rest until the room has been changed around.  Of course there are only so many options each room has, considering its purpose and the furniture we own, but believe me when I say I’ve tried every single option that exists.  Currently our bedroom is so tiny that it fits our double bed in only two places, and the lack of creative potential is killing me!

Tonight I attacked the living room.  Since I’m hosting an event on Friday evening, I suddenly became very conscious of how the furniture layout simply wasn’t working.  The living room is a small room, with two sofas, a coffee table, and two big bookshelves all crammed in.  Add the toddler’s spectacular spread of toys and there’s literally nowhere to step without bumping into something.  The lack of open space was driving me crazy and cluttering my ability to think properly; as a result I avoided the living room like the plague, opting always to read and nurse in the sun room.

So I kicked the bookshelves out into the foyer, which we don’t use, in an attempt to use some dead space and free up the actual living room.  The sofas got rearranged, another chair actually got moved in, and the end result is quite a bit more pleasing than what we had before.  Here’s a picture of what it looks like now.

We'll see how long this arrangement lasts before I'm struck by the urge to rearrange again!

I’ll admit that most of my problem is the fact that I’m quite hopeless when it comes to interior décor.  Nothing sends me into paroxysms of indecision like decorating does.  Paint colours, furniture, art – all of it looks so stunning in magazines that it has rendered me utterly incapable of knowing how to recreate anything slightly similar.  The way other people’s rooms come together and jump out from the glossy pages of Canadian House & Home or the stunning pictures on Apartment Therapy-like sites makes me feel horrible because my house will never look like that, unless I hire a professional, and that won’t be happening anytime soon.

At least I have a lovely old house to work with, and it has many intrinsic qualities that add a lovely touch to the rooms, as long as I don’t screw it up by trying to get too involved.  So that’s why I stick with furniture; I can’t do any damage that way or end up with a truly hideous room.

Goal: I must work on that terribly under-developed part of my creative self and learn something about interior design.


8 thoughts on “Itching for a change

  1. I think now looks better and airy! Good job. And I like to see that you like the plant I left behind me 🙂
    Xo Xo !!!

  2. Your single painting is too small for that wall and it is hung too high. Just add a couple more small paintings on either side of it and it won’t look so much like a small red splash smack dab in the middle of a big, blank wall. Other than that, I like your changes.

  3. Not bad at all!
    And I know what you mean about constantly changing things around – I tend to do that every few months and my mom and sister never cease to be amused by it because neither of them ever does. I can’t help it, I just get bored or feel like the mountains of papers/books/etc are just getting too tall.

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