I’ll be an Irishwoman today.

I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for St. Patrick’s Day, being a redhead and all, and for getting asked so often if I am Irish!  The answer is “no, English,” at which point I’m usually reassured by the more enthusiastic inquirers that there must be some Irish in there, whether or not I know it!  Regardless, I’m happy to play the role of an honourary Irishwoman on this day.

And then there’s my love of Celtic fiddle music, which makes me seem even more Irish than ever.  Fiddling took over my classical violin-playing world as a teenager and I dreamed of becoming the next Natalie MacMaster, or a less insane version of Ashley McIsaac, minus the penis.  (For those of you who don’t know, those are two famous Canadian fiddle players, surely inspired by their Irish roots!)  My career as a celebrity fiddle player didn’t take off as planned, but I plan to dust off my fiddle and play the “Irish Washerwoman” jig on my front porch for the neighbourhood to hear at some point today.

This morning I read on Foodimentary that “in 2010 the average Irish person aged 15+ drank 11.9 litres of pure alcohol, according to provisional data.  That’s the equivalent of about 44 bottles of vodka, 470 pints, or 124 bottles of wine.”  That’s pretty impressive, or awful – can’t quite say which!  I don’t imagine those rather excessive amounts of alcohol are doing much good for their systems!

In keeping with Irish drinking skills, but not nearly on par, I can’t let a St. Patrick’s Day slip by without having a pint or two.  So the babysitting is already arranged, and my husband and I will be heading out to local pub for a wee draught later on.  No green beer for me; I find that entirely disgusting and unnecessary, but I will “down the black” (aka Guinness) but not so much as to become “full as a Catholic school!”  (drunk, according to Irishslang.com)

Hopefully this year’s choice of music at the bar will be more ethnically accurate.  Living in a small town, I wasn’t terribly surprised to hear live flamenco music being performed on St. Patrick’s Day last year, though it didn’t help much for setting the Irish mood, as you can probably imagine!  Maybe the competitor down the street snatched up the local Irish band and this place was forced to make do with whatever live music was available.

On that note, Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!


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