The Joy of Springtime

With the weather the way it is these days, I hope you’ll excuse me not blogging quite so much!  I just can’t stay indoors!  The smell of earth, the feel of warm sunshine, and the glimpses of little green shoots coming up in the garden are simply too much to resist.  There was even a robin perched on the corner of the roof yesterday!  My son was delighted when the bird proceeded to poop on the shingles, and I didn’t care much either; I was far more delighted to see a robin mid-March, which is quite unprecedented here.

By contrast, this picture was taken last March 23!

Usually there are mountains of snow surrounding the house, dying their miserably, dirty, melty deaths, having lost all their former glory.  Here in Ontario, March is still a month of tempestuous snow storms that sometimes run into April.  My birthday is April 9 and I don’t ever recall feeling temperatures as warm as yesterday, which was 20 degrees Celsius!  My husband barbecued our dinner wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

Enjoying a walk down by the beach on Sunday

While part of me feels totally ripped off from not having a proper winter this year, I’m glad it happened the year I had my baby.  With minimal snow and warmer than average temperatures, I was still able to get out of the house most days with the newborn and toddler in tow.  I tend to go crazy if I can’t, which usually only happens in cases of serious illness.  Even a ten-minute dash around a few blocks can make me transition from a grumpy mother to one who can’t stop singing!

This morning, I’ve turned off the heat and opened up all the windows.  I want Spring to permeate the house, fill it with its freshness, and shake out the stale remnants of wintry air from every crack and cranny.  I’ve even got the cleaning bug – a rather rare occurrence.  You can tell something special’s going on when I don rubber gloves and attack the much-overdue bathroom at 9 pm, as I did last night!

Spring has gotten in my bones, and I hope it’s here to stay… though I have my doubts…



5 thoughts on “The Joy of Springtime

  1. Both of my sons were born in the winter, I made sure, I took them out at least once a day. Even if it was just around the block. I enjoy even now, walking and am out of the house several times a day. Both boys also love the out of doors.

    1. That’s great. It sure isn’t easy bundling up two little kids, but like you I believe it’s important to start getting them used to it at a young age.

  2. I’m experiencing a bit of the opposite here! (Truly “a bit.” Not the full deal!) The weather here’s been pretty great, as usual, so that I’m finding myself excited for a Sunday ski trip. My son saw a dusting of snow when we visited my hometown in February, but now he’s going to see real snow and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m barely restraining a dance, but wouldn’t be restraining myself at all were I not at the office. 😉

    1. I’m so happy for him! That will be very exciting, I’m sure! Alas, most years I certainly wish I could ship off truckloads of the nasty stuff to the south 🙂

  3. It was the opposite on this side of the globe! We had the coldest winter I’ve ever known, with temperatures going down to 1 degree celcius (which NEVER happens on this island). Enjoy your early spring!

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