I’m in love with Downton Abbey…

If you have ever fallen even remotely in love with Pride and Prejudice, then have I got something for you!  The BBC television series Downton Abbey exploded into my life last December 2011 with a disc my sister gave me, and despite having finished watching both seasons over a month ago, I have not yet been able to recover! 

I continue to live on in a romantic English haze, acquiring a British accent whenever I feel particularly nostalgic for it and quoting lines at random to my husband.  A friend to whom I loaned the precious disc started watching it and rapidly became addicted.  She and I now exchange text messages about particularly poignant moments in the show that we simply can’t endure alone; the feelings of exasperation must be shared!

My husband was rather intolerant initially.  He sat through half of the first episode before getting up to make a protein shake, and eventually wandered away.  (I didn’t notice he was gone till the end; isn’t that terrible?)  Then he went on Askmen.com one day and saw an article entitled, “What is Downton Abbey and why won’t your girlfriend stop talking about it?”  Somehow, this gave the show more credibility all of a sudden.  I noticed him starting to join me on the couch for evening viewings, and before long, he was hooked (though he might deny it).

This show is a period drama, starting prior to World War One and spanning the course of the war.  It’s set at the real-life Highclere Castle in Hampton, England.  The wealthy Grantham family has three daughters who are preoccupied with the usual concerns of the times – finding good husbands.  Of course, you can imagine the complicated events that ensue from having such a goal!  The storyline is far more complex than that, of course, as it also involves heirs, servants, an insane wife, revenge, elopements, and murder charges.  I won’t go into any more details, but if you relish good romance that makes you ache to the core, you’re in for a treat!


14 thoughts on “I’m in love with Downton Abbey…

  1. I just ordered it from my local library. Too many people have mentioned it lately for me not to finally take notice. I’m number 395 on the list to get it! And the library has season 2. It must be good if so many people are waiting to watch it when it must be in several seasons already! Thank you in advance for my future enjoyment! Convincing my husband to watch with me may be tricky!

    1. Wow, that’s one very long waitlist!! Hopefully you get it sooner, because it’s totally great! As for convincing your husband, he’ll gradually see how addictive it is 🙂

  2. When you asked me about Downton Abbey last time, I thought you meant Northanger Abbey. Anyway, I came home and googled it. I also ordered season 1 and 2 dvd from the library and the estimated wait is 30 days.
    Anyway, I love the BBC Masterpiece Classic series and one of my favorite was Persuasion. You have to watch it if you have time and it is pretty short.

    1. Good! I hope you get it soon because I’m sure you’ll love it! I’ll check out Persuasion for sure. I loved the book!

  3. Knowing you and our mutual love of achingly romantic stories, can I recommend a book to you? I just finished “The Woman in White” by Wilkie Collins (contemporary of Charles Dickinson). Peter gave me the book for Valentine’s Day, and I finished in in three days although it is a thick Victorian novel. It’s way better than Middlemarch!!!

  4. I know you read Game of Thrones, have you seen the show yet? I’m in love with this and Breaking Bad.

    1. Only the trailer… My imagination is sufficiently vivid that the books are about all I can handle!!

  5. Gary’s sister told me about Downton Abbey and I was on my local library’s waiting list for six weeks or more before I got the first season DVDs to watch! I am enthralled with it, too. I wish the second season had not ended in February. Way too short, in my opinion!

    1. Apparently the third season is coming out in September. I just remarked to Jason last night that we’re one third of the way there. Can’t wait! It’s so addictive. I also heard that Lady Grantham’s mother will coming over from America to clash with the Dowager… should be good.

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