Say it: “I am a writer.”

I finally found the quote I was looking for last night when I wrote my post on defining a writer!  It’s a bit late, I know, but I love the paragraph so much that I can’t resist sharing it.

“Our biggest plunge [as writers] is taking ourselves seriously.  Many of us find it difficult to simply state, ‘I am a writer.’  We fumble and mumble around – ‘I’m not really a writer,’ or ‘I don’t consider myself a real writer, but…’  When we equivocate, we lose an opportunity to build our identities as writers.  If you are not saying it already, I advise you to learn to say you are a writer.”  (Mary Pipher, Writing to Change the World)

Isn’t that amazing?  I love the challenge she throws out there: learn to say you are a writer.  And, man, do I ever know how hard that is!  Even recently, since starting my blog and feeling more than ever like a real writer, I feel almost apologetic about using that big W word.  And that’s despite me wanting to be a writer more than anything else in the entire universe!  You’d think I’d be jumping at the opportunity to associate myself with it, label myself as one, and proclaim it to world!

I guess that’s yet another thing I’ll have to practice!  So, here goes…

Signing off now: Katherine Martinko, writer!


3 thoughts on “Say it: “I am a writer.”

  1. Love this! It was only about a year ago that I became comfortable calling myself a writer. A musician/sketch artist friend of mine met my assertion I wasn’t a writer with the most awesome incredulous expression I’ve ever seen. I don’t remember the exact words, but the question he asked immediately afterward changed my answer.

    “Tell me, then–what would you do if you couldn’t write?”

    Imagining that for even a quarter-second was so horrifying I decided to start looking at the matter through his eyes. 🙂

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