An Invitation to Tea

Do you remember those wonderful tea parties that you likely had as a little girl (if you are female reader)?  I had a miniature china tea set that got used on a regular basis.  Its only drawbacks were having to refill the miniature teapot countless times throughout the tea party and not having plates large enough to fit the cookies that my mom made, but those were minor issues compared to the joy my friends and I experienced!

I am proposing an alternative to the ever-popular coffee shop as a meeting place for people nowadays.  Let’s bring back afternoon tea instead.  Not only is it cheaper for guests, but you get to visit in someone’s home, which is always more meaningful.  You enjoy the flexibility of going outdoors in summertime or keeping cozy during the winter, as tea is an appropriate drink for all seasons.  Visits and conversations can be longer, since sipping multiple cups of tea in one sitting is a more likely scenario than drinking multiple cups of coffee!  A tea party can provide the perfect setting for a girls’ get-together, a wedding shower, a birthday party, or a reason to entertain just because you’re feeling like it.

I’m lucky enough to have a few friends who are hard-core tea partiers, like myself.  Above is a picture of our summer tea in the garden.  The menu was divine.  It consisted of chocolate-dipped strawberries, fruit salad, scones with Devonshire cream, homemade jam, crustless tea sandwiches, banana bread, lemonade, and, of course, iced tea (for it happened to be the hottest day in July!).

A few weeks later we were craving another tea party, as you will find you do, the more tea parties you have; they’re rather addictive, especially when combined with an elegant dress code!  Our next event was a shower in celebration of my upcoming wedding.  This time the menu was simpler but no less delicious, consisting of cake, scones, lemonade, and tea.  Even more exciting were the shower gifts I got from each girl: an exquisite and unique tea cup to add to my collection.

So if you’re looking for a fresh, new way to celebrate anything with a bunch of girlfriends (the men in your lives will likely be as uninterested as mine was!), whip up a batch of scones and put on the kettle.  It’s quite fun to extend the invitation, too.  Most girls will looked stunned, then confused.  “A tea party?” they’ll laugh uncertainly.  Once you explain, their amusement gives way to sheer delight.  There’s still a little girl in all of us who reminisces longingly about sipping lukewarm water out of the mini teapot!


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