Best Little Friends

I love this picture of my son and his little friend, enjoying a summer morning last June.  Who can possibly call it the terrible twos when you see something like this?!  Give them a little dish with a snack and a cozy place to eat it, and the wildest toddler can instantly be placated!

This photo has greater meaning for me, though, since the little friend has recently moved away from our town and my son is missing him a lot. I met his mom online when I desperately posted an ad on Kijiji, trying to find a local babysitter so that I’d have time to finish up my degree.  Coming from the girl who always said online dating was weird, I’ve had to admit that meeting good people online does work, as my ad proved!

The two little guys hung out together twice a week – once at my house, once at their house.  It was an amazingly beneficial system.  My son got adopted into a warm Greek family and came back speaking words that I couldn’t understand!  He feasted on delicious Greek food and often came home with extra servings for me and my husband to savour.  In return, his little friend learned English here, went for long walks with us, and dug in the sandbox for hours.  I’d send him home significantly dirtier than he’d arrived, along with any extra baking I’d done.

It’s been less than a month since he moved far away across the ocean and we don’t know when or if he’ll be back in our town.  My son keeps asking about him and can’t understand the concept of moving away, or even distance, for that matter.  I know he’ll eventually stop asking, but that makes me even sadder.  Yet, despite my sadness, looking at that picture reminds me of how wonderful it is that great people can enter our lives at any point and it’s always worth it, even if they have to leave in the end.


3 thoughts on “Best Little Friends

  1. I had a first new friend when I was 3 yrs. old at per-school. His name was Simon and eventually he left pre-school as his family moved to Portugal. The next six months, recalled by my mom, my new invisible friend (conveniently named Simon) replaced real Simon.

    Nice new blog!

  2. Today, I was thinking of your son and how much I am missing him. I cannot stop crying! I miss you a lot!

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